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Every now and then I meet a real 21st Century Marketplace Evangelist. Mike Moore is at the top of this list. He has probably shared Christ more effectively with high-powered people from all over the world from his living room than most evangelists reach in a lifetime of crusades. Mike is a unique combination of intensity and freedom. A man of deep thought and equally deep feeling, you cannot meet him and not be impacted by the raw energy he radiates in his love for people. Mike deals in the real world of business and has a built in aversion to anything artificial. That is why he is the perfect person to write a book like this. I love him as a brother and respect him as a man, but I hold him in special regard as an ambassador of Christ in the marketplace. He is a true messenger of the gospel, in all its earthy essence. You will love this book, it is vintage Mike Moore.

Dr. Lance Wallnau

Lance Learning Group - Dallas, TX

Mike Moore is a man who has experienced the freedom that comes from really knowing the heart and love of God. From that place, he longs to take the reader into the authentic expression of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Only this message can truly make one free.
Bill Johnson

Pastor, Bethel Church - Redding, CA, Author, When Heaven Invades Earth

I met Mike in 1997. From the ​moment  I met him, I knew he was different ​from  anyone I had ever met. He had a light within him that was a mystery to me. I was a workaholic and buried under the enormous responsibility of building Power House and directing the Dallas Mavericks Dancers. Mike gradually and steadily showed me Christ ​ and the grace and freedom ​found in him. Coming to Christ transformed my life, and Mike made a huge impact on me as I was going through this process. H​is message helped ​me break the strongholds and chains I was living in by showing me true grace and freedom.

Shella Sattler

Choreographer for Michelle Obama's Let's Move Campaigns, Founder of the Power House of Dance

I believe my generation is hungry for authenticity.  We need to know that God is personal, real and powerful.  Reading this book will challenge you to look at God in a new way.
Emma Parker

High School Student

A few years ago when I met Mike Moore, I knew I was about to sit with a very intense man. Mike is one of those special members of the body of Christ that’s too often missing. There are no filters or politically correct language in Mike’s personality as he shares the truth. He tells it like it is. After reading Love God Hate Church, I realized that it’s not just written for those that don’t know Jesus Christ. This is a wake-up call to those that have been churched all of their lives but don’t know Jesus intimately. Although the title seems to be criticizing the church, it’s actually an invitation to discover what’s within. Once the reader is in, God Himself is made known through the rawness of Mike’s experiences and knowledge of Jesus. You will enjoy the “one of a kind” journey of reading this book.

Brad McClendon

LivingVine International Ministries

Delightfully blunt, this book is an in-your-face challenge to consider the radical idea of liking God and believing He likes you too. Moore dares you to try enjoying faith instead of cowering in it. Whether you attend church regularly or get sweaty palms just thinking about it, this book will change the way you see Christianity.

Amy Spahn

Author of the Endurance series


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